Amir Uddin


Amir was always involved in fitness from a very young age. Throughout his high school years, he was part of many sports teams including; soccer,hockey,baseball and basketball. Amir was constantly looking for new challenges because of his competitive nature. He followed his passion for fitness and enrolled into the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program at George Brown College. Upon completing college, Amir was looking for new challenges and enrolled into an MMA . He competed for six years in full contact MMA, kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The shape it put me in and the mental strength it built. I would train two to three times a day, six days a week. From doing five rounds of five minutes of intense pad work to sparring and grappling for hours on end, I loved every minute of it. Preparing for fight is one of the toughest and most exillerating feelings I have ever experienced. It taught me the value of respect, hard work and dedication. Dropping eight pounds in one day was the hardest weight cut I have ever done! I’ll never forget”

Upon completing his career in MMA, Amir did not want to stop looking for new challenges. He stumbled across a functional fitness video on Youtube. It was a video demonstrating kipping pull ups. I thought it was silly. In reality, he did not understand the movements at that time and was uneducated on it. He wanted to learn more about functional fitness so he signed up for his Crossfit level 1 certification.

“I tried a workout I found online. It was thrusters with ninty-five pounds and toe to bar. I thought,sounds easy, ninty-five pounds . I was floored five minutes in. I was humbled by the workout. This showed me that being fit means lifting heavy and light loads. Being able to run long and short distances. Being able to handle your own body doing multiple movements. Functional fitness has taught me to keep an open mind about the concept of heath and fitness. After that workout I knew I would be training like this for the rest of my life. “

Amir has a passion to improve individuals through movement and education.

“I love to see people break plateaus and perform movements that they thought were not possible. I want to help people reach their full capacity in and out of the gym. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and you will find success”

  • George Brown College
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program
  • Crossfit Level 2 Certification
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Coach Level 2
  • MMA professional experience. Competed and trained at professional level.
  • MMA background- Kickboxing , Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai
  • 2016 Qualified for Wodapalooza Fitness Festival-Miami
  • 2012- Ottawa Classic Mens Physique 1st
  • Ottawa Classic Bodybuilding 1st

Servicing Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York, Toronto, Stouffville, and Vaughan