Fitness Classes

The Art Of Strength

Type of class: Strength Training

A combination between a circuit and strength based exercises and technical movements incorporating explosive, strength and conditioning work using kettle bells , barbells and weights.

Hiit It Hard

Type of class: Cardiovascular-  Conditioning

Fun, challenging, and creative are the best ways to describe this high energy boot camp class. Three dimensional movements incorporated into one hour HIIT (high intensity interval Training) inspired sessions. This class will leave you stronger, well conditioned, and burning tons of calories hours after your class is over!


Type of class: HIT Cardio

Circuit style class consisting of an hour of constant motion incorporating bosu balls, tires, dumbbells, med balls and kettle-bells


Type of Class: Stretching, Mobility, Balance

This class is a combination of Flow Yoga and Functional Stretching. Yoga has many benefits including better range of motion, proper spinal alignment & posture, increased circulation and balance. Connect with your Mind - Body - Soul and treat yourself to a full-body stretch. The average workout last 1hr. This class is for all levels beginner to advanced. If you suffer from back pain, muscle tightness, high/low blood pressure this class is for YOU!

Feel the difference Flexibility can make!

Advanced HIIT

Type of class: High Intensity Interval Training

"High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a system of organizing cardio respiratory training which calls for repeated bouts of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery"
Focusing on big muscle groups, this class with not only give you a great burn during, but a great after burn post exercise!!!
This class is designed to build lean muscle, endurance and workout your cardiovascular system all at once.
This class is typically set up in a circuit style floor plan, and is mixed with agility work, sled runs, suicide drills, plyometrics and sprints.

Rise and Sweat

Type of class: Toning / Cardio

A variety of high intensity circuit styles incorporating some strength beginning with a 5 minute warm up and a 5 min cool down.

Cross Fit

Type of class: Strength, Power, Conditioning

Inspired by the ever popular "sport of training" This class focuses on the fundamentals of lifting, aerobic capacity training, functional training movement techniques and explosive training drills.  Make sure you come to work, this class is sure to challenge all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

H.I.T. Day

Type of class: High Intensity / Toning

Carrying on from Monday afternoons this class consists a vast variety of circuit styles that will make you sweat and push you through that mid week slump.


Type of Class: Mixed Martial Arts
Apart from having a friendly and judgement free environment like the rest of the classes here at Fitstudios; The MMA bootcamp focuses on full body, explosive, and high intensity training. The exercises are Martial arts based and therefore incorporate movements specific to that kind of world. You will increase your functional strength, coordination, and balance and now have muscle that not only looks good but will also be useful if you need to defend yourself. If you want to get a great workout and enjoy hitting things, this is the perfect class for you! All skill levels are welcome; you do not need previous martial arts experience. 

Elite Bodies

Type of class: Strength & Conditioning

Learn how to train like the pros, and condition your body through functional and explosive movements that melts your body fat and puts on that lean muscle you've been looking for!

TRX - HIIT Circuit

Type of class: Circuit Style Conditioning with The TRX Suspension Systems.

This class focuses on burning fat, strengthening the body, and having fun. TRX suspension training, develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously, while HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the other hand is a great way to burn off all that extra storage in unwanted areas of the body. Combining these two types of exercise will definitely have you leaving the gym feeling satisfied with a sense of accomplishment

TRX Body Blast

Type Of Class: TRX / Cardio

An hour of TRX training incorporated with some cardio will challenge your core and stamina.



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