Boot Camps/Group Exercise

Alpha Strength and Alpha HIIT Series

Introducing our all new Alpha Strength and Alpha HIIT Series. Whether your looking to tighten and tone or shred fat and lose weight, our Alpha series will get you seeing results in your first week.

Alpha Strength:

Our ALPHA Strength series classes provide you with the tools you need to build strength and increase muscle definition. Emphasis will be on focusing on major muscle groups by implementing full compound lifts along with upper and lower body resistance exercises. Our coaches emphasize proper form and techniques ensuring you achieve maximum results safely and effectively.

Alpha HIIT:

Alpha Hiit (high intensity interval training) is a class of organizing cardio respiratory training which delivers repeated bouts of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery"

Focusing on big muscle groups, this class with not only give you a great burn during, but a great after burn post exercise!!!

This class is designed to literally melt fat, build lean muscle, endurance and workout your cardiovascular system all at once.

This class is typically set up in a circuit style floor plan, and is mixed with agility work, sled runs, suicide drills, plyometrics and sprints.

Alpha picture

“Best boot camp I have ever been to.”

Aimee Slatter Berman

I have never worked that hard in my life! You will burn hundreds of calories guranteed. Amazing way to get in shape. keepup the great work!

Kevin F

“You will feel the pain the next day after ur first session. But it’s a good sore feeling & it’s great knowing you have worked hard. You can’t help but try your hardest cuz the instructor will be there to motivate you plus you don’t want to look like the lone loser who can’t do it.”

Janice P

“The facilities are great (new & well maintained). Change room is quite clean also & there are shower stalls. Remember to bring your lock for the locker & water bottle. Lots of parking. Staff is always cheerful & polite.”

Adriana T

Servicing Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York, Toronto, Stouffville, and Vaughan