Stop being cheap, you’re worth it!

What’s your happiness & health worth to you?

Hello again! Adam Theodorou here! Founder of FitStudios Health & Wellness Center, personal training specialist, strength coach and certified NO BS Lifestyle coach. 

Over the past 20 years I’ve heard every possible excuse as to why people won’t spend money on their health and wellness.

“Need to talk to the wife, to see if it’s ok”

“Don’t know if it’s in my budget right now”

“Need to talk to the hubby, to see if it’s ok”

“Finances are tight”

“I’m just not that motivated right now, it would be a waste of money”

“I just don’t know if I can afford that right now”

“Let me go home and crunch some numbers”

“I’m so busy right now it will be a waste of money”

“I need to lose some weight before I commit to a full program”

The cold hard truth is, everyone has the money to invest in themselves, however only a small few recognize the importance of it now!

Ever heard the old saying…

The best time to start anything was 10 years ago, the second best time is NOW!

You see I’ve been helping people live healthier lives for over 20 years now and the majority of people that we see here at FitStudios come to us after the fact.

After their health is not well. 

After their weight is out of control

After they’re already too weak to perform daily tasks

After they throw their backs out from weak core muscles

After they feel ashamed of the way they look in a swimsuit

After their hypertension, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes is so bad that they’re popping a collection of pills daily.

All these are symptoms of neglect to your body.

It’s your body’s ultimate reaction to not being cared for.

Even worse yet, these are only the physical symptoms. 

There’s an entire other discussion we can have about the mental effects of the above symptoms and how poor health negatively effects your mental health.

No one feels good about feeling bad, and no one feels good about looking bad, that’s the truth. 

You can either own it, or try and hide from it, but either way it will always catch up to you.

Take a second and imagine, fast forward to your final day here alive.

You know today is the day that your life is up, and you must say good bye to all your family, friends and foes.

Just as you’re about to say the final goodbye, the doctor walks in and says…

“You ready”?

You reply “NO”

Doctor then says,

“Ok then, you know you can stay another 10 years, but…it’s going to cost you”

What would you pay then?

What would you pay to buy more time?

What would it be worth to you to be able to get a redo, and do it all over again in a healthier, better body with an extra 10 years?

My guess is, you would gladly spend every penny to your name given the situation.

So why are you so cheap with your health now?

Why won’t you commit the funds and the time to commit to yourself, your most valuable asset to the quality of your life?

People spend hundreds if not thousands on useless things every day.  None of which actually create health, happiness and wellness.

Shoes, restaurants, clothes, cars, and alcohol, none of which you would even hesitate to trade off on D-day in exchange for just a little more time.

I can tell you after 20 years in the business and having worked with literally thousands of different people from all around the world, and all with different problems…In life there are very few things that make someone enjoy their life more than feeling good, looking good and taking proper care of themselves.

And when you do feel good and look good, it bleeds into all other areas of your life.

Your family, your finances, your fitness, and your faith

(Your 4 F’s)

The time is now, not a month from now, not a year from now, now!

So where do you start?

Hire a coach, get a custom tailored program designed with your health and physical needs in mind.  And if you’re someone that lacks motivation, pay them to hold you accountable!

A good coach can not only significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to reach your goals, they can also ensure you stay committed to the promise you originally made to yourself.

I’ve literally seen thousands of people waste years going to the gym with no clue of what to do, no clue how to exercise, and no clue how to get results.

It’s painful watching people attempt the same thing over and over and over for it not to work.

“Whatever you’re doing isn’t working sweet heart, now it’s time to try something new”

At the end of the day, they waste a lot more time and money on their gym memberships, or ridiculous follow along programs cause it’s the cheapest, and they have nothing to show for it.

So if you’re someone that’s ready to finally make the commitment to themselves, and are ready to make the change to start looking and feeling better, then get off your ass and find the best professional in the business to design, teach and hold you accountable to learning how to become a healthier and better version of yourself.

What are you waiting for? Go get it, the time is now!

PS. If you would like one of the fitness professionals here at FitStudios to help you with designing your program simply respond to this email with “I’m ready” or email :