Our bodies are perfectly engineered and designed to allow us to move and perform optimally, with minimal injury and complete recovery. Our bodies were also designed to repair, compensate and adapt when an injury and illness occurs.

Every structure and part of our body has a position and function, and when the position is altered the function is also altered. An example being our blood vessels, they are long flexible tubes that hold their shape under all levels of pressure to allow the flow of blood throughout the body.

If that vessel thickens because of higher level of cholesterol and plaque, or becomes constricted or rigid because of spasmed muscles, or kinked because of a significant alteration in posture (standing/sitting/moving) blood flow is reduced to the areas that it supplies, causing illness and dysfunction.

Our bodies will adapt and that is normal, but when there is adaptation on adaptation on adaptation and the body is not corrected or helped to improve its set-up, then that is when pain can begin and can cause lots of issues. Getting treated to align yourself and all the amazing parts within you, nourishing and strengthening your body will help keep your body a top notch working being.

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Faiza Abdullah R.Kin