Hey Fitstudios Fam!

One of the main questions people ask as the weather gets colder…

“How do I stay lean and fit in the winter??”

Weight gain during the winter and holiday season is a BIG struggle for so many people so I am going to talk about how to avoid it!

One of the biggest reasons people gain weight in the colder months is because the motivation to stay active, get to the gym and eat healthy is at an all-time low. There seem to be so many more excuses to make when it is cold outside.

With work stress, gloomy cold days, and shorter days, skipping workouts and eating comfort food become more common.

A lot of people get into a post-summer slump. BUT here are some tips on how to fix that:

  1. Switch up your training! Constantly doing the same routine at the gym can get repetitive and boring and therefore cause you to skip your workout. Try switching things up so you feel excited about your next workout and getting to the gym.
  2. Set a NEW and REALISTIC goal. If you have had the same goal for months and months, try adding in a new goal. This can increase motivation and drive to want to achieve this new goal.
  3. Find an accountability partner. Find someone to hold you accountable to your goals. Whether it is a spouse, friend, or a coach! Accountability is shown to make individuals more consistent, and the more consistent you are the more attainable your goals will be.

Don’t let the coming cold months get you down! There are 3 months left in 2022. Let’s make them great and get the fittest you have been!

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- Coach Shannon