This Is Your Space To Grow

A response to “How do you stay motivated?”

Hey coach Risley here and this is what training means to me. Way too often do I get asked the question “how do you stay motivated and consistent in the gym?”

Through my 10 years of training I’ve never asked myself that question before because I knew I had to keep showing up.

I found my “why” very early on when I decided that training was going to be apart of my life, it was never just about general health, looking good or performance.

My “why” is that I saw growth. I understood that this was the one place for me personally to understand how to take control of the things I do. If I wanted to get stronger, I’d put in the work. If I wanted to look better, I’d put in the work. If I needed to recover any physical or mental injuries, I’d put in the work.

I encourage all of you reading this that have asked the question “How do you stay motivated?” To think about why you chose to go back into the gym.

This is your space to grow. You are a direct reflection of your efforts in here. There really is no shortcuts to this, so it ultimately forces you into being a disciplined being if you want to survive in this space.

All you do in this space is for you and only you. Once you have understood that, you will understand what progression means and will never have to question your motivations ever again.

Hope this helped, now go out there and be strong and live long 👊

Coach Risley