Hey FitStudios family, Coach Britlynn here.

"Work, play, rest, repeat". You've probably heard this common mantra from your trainer, friend, and/or partner. But is this really a winning formula for both mental and physical well-being?

Compartmentalizing your goals and activities can certainly be a useful way to organize your day, but in my experience as a personal trainer, I've discovered that health and well-being are best achieved and maintained by integrating them into your lifestyle and blending them with your personality.

Everyone has some leisure activity they like to do which stimulates both the mind and body. Whether you're getting your heart pumping faster by walking to the corner store or doing something more vigorous like biking to work, your daily tasks and chores don't need to be separated from having fun and maintaining/increasing physical strength.

"Working out" is a misnomer. For the most part, being physically active and getting into shape shouldn't feel like work.

Of course, you need to push yourself and do exercises and activities in the gym that are challenging in order to accelerate results and get to that next level in your fitness journey. But, the foundation of your physical health should be grounded in things you actually enjoy doing.

I've seen so many clients and fitness enthusiasts get burned out and jaded from grinding out countless hours in the gym every day.

Working out in the gym is important but you need to find a physical activity that you are passionate about and can do every day if you want to reach your fitness goals and sustain your results.

Don't get stuck in a monotonous pattern of working out at the gym, watching TV at home, and then going to sleep. It will only get you so far on your path to being a healthy individual. If you are able to blend physical activities into your everyday life it will complement your fitness regime and, more importantly, facilitate prolonged results for both your physical and mental health.

Your activity in the gym matters but of equal if not more importance are the actions you take outside the gym.

Find something that is enjoyable as well as strenuous, and make it part of your daily routine. I promise you will not regret it.

Coach Britlynn signing off


Stephen Strumos, BSc, Pn1

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