Hey FitStudio’s gang! Coach Risley here with the weekly blog 👋

The quote of the day is

“Just because you can’t see it, it does not mean it’s not there”

Functional strength isn’t about fancy combination exercises commonly seen on the internet rather true functionality lies within your ability to be strong in all intended positions the body can be in.

With that being said there’s a multitude of muscles that are undertrained due to lack of knowledge or fear of getting hurt. These hidden untrained muscles could unlock new potential strength for you.

Here are a few movements that most people don’t think about:

  • -Lateral contraction of core muscles
  • -Protraction of scapular muscles
  • -Flexion and Extension of feet muscles
  • -Medial and Lateral contraction of thigh muscles

Don’t neglect movement! Rather embrace motion because it is lotion 💪🧴