This is my plan to keep you healthy and strong FOREVER.

On paper it’s simple, but applying these basics to your everyday life is a battle.
The rewards are absolutely
worth it and here’s why.

MNA in order of importance
Movement, Nutrition and Activity

Movement: This is where you become stronger. No one wants to grow older and feel older, keep your joints healthy by working on strengthening everything around it. Mandatory movements should include a squat, shoulder raise and a hip hinge.

Nutrition: A great body needs great fuel? Yes! It’s not that hard just follow these simple rules.
Find a balance between, eating to live and living to eat. Have a decent amount of protein daily. Drink 2-3L of water and stay hydrated. Have 1-2 servings of fruit and vegetables everyday.

Activity: Move! I cannot stress the importance of not sitting around all the time to combat lethargy, cognition and psychological health.

There you go! It’s that simple! But not really… until we make these as routine as brushing your teeth, these will be a challenge. A small price to pay to feel indefinitely better then you do right now.