3 easy HIGH PROTEIN breakfast ideas

If you are someone looking to lose excess body fat keep reading…

👉🏻You eat healthy but can’t seem to hit your protein levels

👉🏻You binge on high-calorie foods between meals

👉🏻You feel there is NO TIME to cook so you always turn to takeout or fast food

Does this sound like you? If you can relate hear me out.

If high-calorie snacks and binge eating takeout is the main thing between you and your goals you are going to want to try these 3 QUICK and EASY high-protein breakfast options.

It is super important to start your day off with a high-protein breakfast:

  1. It will help ensure you are on the right track to hitting your protein targets for the day and don’t have to force it in before bed
  2. It will keep you staying full and satiated for much longer during the morning, resisting you from snacking mid-morning
  3. It will help give you energy and FUEL to get through your day
  4. The more protein you eat the more muscle you can build (more muscle=more fat loss)

To give you some examples, here are 3 protein-packed breakfast options to try:

  1. Overnight Protein Oats- 1/3 cup oats, 1/2-1 scoop protein powder (vanilla or chocolate are best), 1/2 cup almond milk. Let it sit overnight and add your fav toppings in the morning (fruit, protein granola, etc). Approx 20g protein
  2. Breakfast Smoothie- 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 1 banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 1tbsp nut butter, 1 cup almond milk and blend. Approx 20-25g protein.
  3. Breakfast Scramble- take the leftover protein you had for dinner the night before, throw it in a pan with 2–3 eggs, some spinach and veggies and scramble it up! Approx 20-30g of protein.

All of these options are super simple and QUICK to make. Give these a try next time you “have no time” 😉

Talk Soon,

Coach Shannon