Losing weight is easier than you think! Here's the secret...

It's all about changing your perspective and here are my 3 golden rules to help you do that.

Hey all Coach Risley from FitStudio's here!

Listen, anything that imposes a psychological challenge is hard and that's why we coaches are here to help you through that. At the end of the day dropping those pounds is as simple as tying your shoes, it's logical until you make it irrational.

Rule #1

Things happen out of your control sometimes! Communicate with your coach, so that we can navigate back to the destination. You are not expected to be a perfect creature and follow the plan 100% so it's better you let the coach know so minimal (if any) damage is reversed.

Rule #2

Cause and effect. If something happened (Increase on the scale), there must be a variable that had led to this happening (Poor sleep, meal timing etc). Don't jump to CONCLUSIONS, instead take it for what it is, let your coach know and continue with the plan.

Rule #3

Don't rush it! Do you want to be that person that lost 20lbs fast only to gain 15lbs back within the next few months? OR would you rather take the correct approach and lose that 20lbs with a bit more patience but stay fit as a lifestyle? No one has ever achieved anything awesome fast! It takes time, patience and dedication to be the best and you are that person!

Hope this was an enjoyable read for all of you, if you're ready to get started I am ready to take on your strongest desires in health and fitness and bring you past the finish line.

Make sure to forward this blog to a friend that you think may benefit from this read! I'll talk to you all next time, peace.