Hey Fit Gang! Coach Risley here with this week's post.

I always encourage clients to find out how they can take the path of least resistance to their goals.

Hard isn’t always better, hard work isn’t always going to yield the best results.

Individuals that understand their weaknesses and find a way to appropriately conquer these challenges often come out the end of the tunnel with a sustainable lifestyle.

Janice cannot lose weight due to her habits of eating late at night since her hunger is elevated during those times due to work stress and her ounce of alone time at night.

The appropriate solution for Janice’s lifestyle was to try time-restricted feeding, having her window of intake from noon to 5 pm. Biasing most of her fat and protein intake towards the last meal so she stayed satisfied throughout the night into the morning. (Send us a message to understand why this is the case!)

This was the appropriate tool for Janice and is currently the best method for her to reach her goals and her lifestyle.

What’s your plan to reach your goals without unnecessary resistance? Let me know! If you can’t figure it out, talk to your coach and we will find that solution that’s a one-sized fits YOU.

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