Hey Fit Gang, Coach Risley here!

Listen, for those of you that need to drag your bottom to the gym every session it doesn’t need to be this way. It’s all a mindset and your approach.

Here are 3 steps to stay fit forever.

1. It’s not about loving every second of it but just showing up sometimes. You wouldn’t skip a meal if you were hungry, so why would you skip a workout if you wanted to be fit? You wouldn’t skip a day at work if you needed the money, so why would you skip a workout if you wanted to be fit? See where I’m going with this? A perspective change.

2. Find a routine that you enjoy progressing. If you want to get stronger, you’ll naturally gravitate towards resistance training. If you want to have a healthy heart you’ll naturally gravitate towards high-intensity style training. The point is to pick workouts that are actually fun to do, not just something that’s easy. Again a perspective change.

3. This is a part of your daily lifestyle now! Just like all things we do, we are creatures of habit and routine. Guess what? You wake up and brush your teeth at similar times every day, you can definitely give a bit of your time every day to stay in shape and be healthy. Again! It’s all perspective.

This is not something you’re doing for fun or a hobby. This is truly your lifestyle and a part of your lives every single day.

Start paying your dues and make it fun and exhilarating at the same time, I promise it’s worth it!

If this resonates with you, send us an email and forward this to 2 friends to get them excited as well! Let’s go!