Trust me, you’re not alone if you’re reluctant to rush back to the gym…

Hello again! Adam Theodorou here! Founder of FitStudios Health & Wellness Center, personal training specialist, strength coach and certified NO BS Lifestyle coach.

Now I’ve been helping people try to live healthier, better lives for over 20 years now, and I can tell you this…We have never seen anything as widespread as Covid, affect our physical and mental health in our generation.

As we now enter into week two of our official reopening here in York Region, gyms and other personal service industries have been allowed to reopen in a restricted model and are now seeing some clients begin to venture back to their service workers.

But, if your like thousands of others of out there that just don’t feel that your 100% ready to get back to the gym, your definitely Not alone.

This pandemic has created more uncertainty and more anxiety than like anything we’ve seen before.

So if you find yourself feeling worse than you did a year ago, both physically and mentaly I’m here to tell you…That’s on you!

Yes you herd that correctly!

The reality is what’s happened over the last year has taken structure and accountability out of people’s lives.

Prior to this pandemic completely disrupting peoples structured routines, the majority of people had to wake up at the same time each day, get ready for their day and venture out to a job, school, the gym, doctors’ appointments and any other standard regular daily and/or weekly routines they had. This created structure and kept people accountable to their livelihoods.

Now, fast forward 1 year, and here we are! There is nowhere to go, working and schooling from home, virtual appointments, and a general widespread fear to leave the house.

Your structure and accountability has been swept away and here you are left to plan, organize, motivate, and hold yourself accountable for everything that you need to get done in a day…Including taking care of yourself!

Just because you’re not ready to get back to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t still workout!

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy each day!

Just because this pandemic has taken away the structure you used to have, doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own!

Listen, the cold hard truth is that no one is going to pedal your bike for you, and at the end of the day we make time for what’s important, and excuses for what’s not!

Humans have done a remarkable job pivoting, adapting and creating new ways of Getting Shit Done (GSD)!

From online programs, schooling, coaching and yes, even exercise, there’s really no excuse as to why you’re not in just as good of shape as you were a year ago, if not better. (And let’s face it, reality is you probably have more time and better access to healthier home cooked food options)

Don’t know where to start? Hire a coach to help you build some momentum!

Don’t know how to exercise from home without equipment effectively? There are literally millions of trainers now online and on social media platforms dying for your following that will gladly let you join their daily live workouts!

Don’t know what to eat regularly from home? Again, there are thousands of master chefs, nutrition experts and lifestyle coaches that have moved online and are literally flooding the online space with creative fun and easy to make meal ideas.

And… The last part is up to you!

Make a promise to yourself and keep it!

Start to create some non-negotiables in your daily routine, like daily exercise and healthier eating. At the end of your day you ONLY HAVE YOU, and only YOU that’s going to hold yourself accountable. Start being more consistent with the promises you make to yourself.

So you see, even though this pandemic has taken the world and literally shook it around for the past year, the basic fundamental structure required to take control of your physical and mental health will always rely on YOU making a promise and keeping it to YOURSELF.

If you can start with that and stick with it, you’ll be well on your way to a much healthier 2021, despite what’s going on around you and across the rest of the world!

We would love to hear what your list of non-negotiables is? Feel free to share by replying to this post or email:

PS. If you feel like you would like some fail proof tips on at home exercise programs and guaranteed easy to follow nutrition plans, simply respond to this email with “I’m In” and one the professionals here at FitStudios will be glad to share some of their tips and trick on how to beat the pandemic blues and begin to help you earn back your health and wellness. 

Adam Theodorou