Hey everyone Coach Shannon here!

Group training has become super popular in the fitness industry because of its cheaper costs (compared to 1-on-1 personal training) while still getting guidance and accountability from a coach.

Some great benefits that group training has to offer:

  1. You become part of a community. Meeting new people who are on similar fitness journeys can help create a community and makes working out enjoyable and fun for everyone.
  2. Holds you accountable. When you have others cheering you on it helps keep you accountable and gives you the motivation to keep coming in and showing up for yourself and others.
  3. Get time with a coach. Personal training is expensive, but group training offers time with a coach so you can get a structured workout and form correction at a lower price point.
  4. Different abilities and fitness levels. Not every single person is at the exact same fitness level, in group training a coach can modify exercises based on you and your current fitness level.
  5. It's FUN! Working out with others increases endorphins and all-around motivation!

Here at Fitstudios we offer Semi-Private Training. Here are some examples of what some Fitstudios clients had to say about the Semi-Private Training Program:

“Semi-Private training has been a great benefit to me because of the challenging workouts, nutritional advice, and training homework Shannon gives us so we can reach our fitness goals. The camaraderie of the small group makes the training fun as well!” - Nanda

“Semi-Private adds value to my personal fitness goals and I love the other people I train with!” - Judith

“Discipline, comradery, feeling great.” - Peter

“Everyone supporting and encouraging each other.” - Erin

“I love the intensity, format of training, the encouragement and it gave me the push I needed to get back into fitness.” - Deneka

Are you looking to get into shape but need some accountability, motivation, and a good price point? Join us now!

See you soon :)

Coach Shannon