Hey everyone!

Coach Alejandro here ; This week I want to share with you the powerful idea of the triad of health and how it can serve you as medicine.

Many of our health problems as modern human beings are rooted in the way we are living.

Each and every day our lives are put to the test facing challenging environmental obstacles.

The triad of health represents the three sides of our health that are affected by these day to day challenges

This an important concept that encompasses mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. This triad is essential to a person’s overall health and is a cornerstone of any approach to managing and improving health.

Physical - Structural health, involves all aspects of our physical body such as exercise, eating habits, sleep and biochemical expression . Exercise and physical activity are essential for promoting overall physical health. Good nutrition and regular physical activity can help us maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of illness, improve our ability to focus and concentrate, and improve our mood. Additionally, getting enough sleep is essential for good physical health as it helps our body function optimally.

Structural imbalances in our daily lives creates health problems in many ways especially putting stress upon our nervous system. For example, seated for hours daily in front of a computer causes a weakening or imbalance in muscle function which in turn affects the body’s structural equilibrium.

Mental health /Energetic expression- is characterized by an individual's ability to think and function effectively in everyday life. This includes the ability to concentrate and make rational decisions, as well as having a positive outlook on life and appropriate levels of self-esteem. Mental health can be influenced by various factors such as stress, genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. Mental health is not a one-time event, it is something that develops over time as a result of ongoing, active choices we make.

Our mind/brain connection controls the function of all of our organs. Stressors in the day affecting us mentally can cause elevated blood pressure, visual disturbances, over or under functioning digestive pathways, stomach issues, hormone changes, respiratory changes, and many other systemic health related imbalances.

Emotional health is a key factor in the overall health triad. It is the ability to recognize and manage one's own emotions and interact with other people in a healthy way. Emotional health is just as important as physical or mental health since it affects how we make decisions, take action, relate to others, and manage stress. Having strong emotional well-being requires us to be comfortable in our own skin and have positive relationships with other people.

The triad of health is an important concept to understand and implement because it emphasizes the holistic view of health. It acknowledges that physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are all interconnected, and that if one aspect is off-balance, then it can have an impact on other aspects. In other words, by addressing each part of the triad holistically—with healthy lifestyle choices, adequate rest/sleep, and maintaining healthy relationships with others—it can lead to an overall increase in health and well-being.

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