You Can't fully appreciate wins if you don't learn to lose and grow first!

Enjoy the process, absorb the knowledge and find out why you'll be loving this life long journey.

Hey fit fam! Coach Risley here, strength and nutrition specialist here at FitStudios.

Like everything in life there are the highs and there are the lows. I think oftentimes people confuse this journey to becoming a better version of yourself, in that it will consist in a smooth sail to the final destination.

I'm here to tell you it won't.

But dealing with the lows and trying to learn something from it each time is what makes this journey absolutely thrilling for me as a strength athlete and as a coach to all my clients.

My physique didn't go exactly as I planned after my 12 week diet...

My strength & training goals weren't exactly reached after my 12 week training cycle..

Here's 2 thing you should and shouldn't do after those scenarios above


Feel like a failure that you didn't quite reach your goals.

Scratch the whole plan and move onto something completely unrelated and different.

You SHOULD however..

Tell yourself you did a fantastic job but there's still more work to be done and better adjustments to be made.

Ask yourself what worked in those 12 weeks and what didn't? Take the new information, understand why it worked and keep that momentum rolling.

The SECRET to loving the journey solely lies in your ability to enjoy the lows. You'll obviously be enjoying the highs when the time comes but just REMEMBER this, your capacity to be able to grow from the lows will ultimately determine if you will be reaching the high or the HIGHER.

Now tell me, do you just want to be satisfactory or do you want to fucking kill the game and become part of the top percentile of the smartest and most resilient mindsets out there?

Love this life long journey and become a version of yourself that you didn't even know was possible.

Join me and join us at FitStudios where we help unlock that potential.

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