Push yourself, just because.

Hey FitStudios family, Coach Omar here! I am the hypertrophy and strength specialist here to help break you down and build you back up.

"The worst enemy of productivity and progress is comfort..."" - Some smart ass named Omar

Most of you who are reading this are living in comfort, and I don't mean sitting on a couch or having money to live comfortably. I mean going through life and letting time move forward while you stay in the same place.

Are you pushing yourself on a regular basis? On a daily basis? If you are being honest with yourself, you would say "no, I am not."

Think back to 1 year ago, 3 years ago and 5 years ago. Did you push yourself enough to achieve what you had set as goals? Did you go past your goals and expectations? Did you do and achieve what you had planned out?

Now imagine if you lived the rest of your life not progressing and sitting in the same position you are today. Would you die happy knowing what you have achieved? I sure would not because I know that if I pushed myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. just 1% harder (like CJ mentioned in last week's blog) I could have achieved anything I ever wanted to.

Instead, I sat on my ass week after week, month after month enjoying the pleasures of life and making enough money to sustain myself but never amounting to anything.

I am not a millionaire with a huge success story, but I am a dragon boat athlete who competes on the international stage and I am not foreign to pushing myself past my limits.

Going the extra mile or working that extra 30 minutes to fill and submit some paperwork are all forms (no pun intended) of pushing yourself. If you have never gotten your heart rate above 95% and really tried to see where your true limit is, you have not pushed physically yourself (barring those with heart conditions and immobilizing injuries).

Why should you push yourself? Why should you do it regularly?

Learn to live through discomfort and difficulty. Build resiliency towards the hard things in life so everything seems easy. Otherwise, you will find that you are pushing yourself just to get through the easy things. Your new benchmark for hard will become lower and you will find yourself becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I am challenging each one of you with a heart rate tracker to push yourself in at least one workout or one set this week to reach 95% of your estimated max. Find your limit and push past it. Do it just because.

I am challenging each one of you with work responsibilities to focus harder and do more than you thought you could do each day. Work so hard that you must look for something to do. Do it just because.

I am challenging each one of you with a family, friends and loved ones to work so hard in every other aspect in your life so you can give extra time, attention, and love to those around you who matter. Do it just because.



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